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The merry month of May

The joyfu; explosion of   colourr and texture, vitality and energy, confirm the arrival of Spring.  Too often we pass such a sight without a second thought  –  and yet there is so much happening!


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Beside the bridleway again!

Older friends move on  and new ones replace them.  The dandelion seedheads form an interesting pattern.

There are patches of blue beside the path.   As we get closer we are able to identify the tiny speedwell flowers, each a mere 5-7mm in diameter.


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It’s one o’clock

Just three days ago we were delighting in the beauty of the ‘humble’ dandelion.  Now the earliest flowers have had their season and the golden glow has been replaced by the familiar, feathery globe-shaped seedhead  –  the one o’clock.  Far from fading into oblivion, the plant displays a different kind of beauty.  Examine carefully the perfect design and pattern of the hundreds of florets, each with its own parachute.  The wonders of Nature!



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