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Sea and cliffs

A touch of watercolour filter was used in the processing


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Reed images

Along the edges of the estuary are large beds of tall reeds bearing showy, purply brown plumes.  The reeds display many moods  –  sometimes appearing upright, still and politely proud; at other times thrashing around wildly under the buffeting by strong winds blowing in from the open sea.


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Winchelsea Beach

The East Sussex coastline is divided by the estuary of the river Rother, on which stands the town of Rye.  To the east, stretches the sandy expanse of Camber.  To the west, the beaches comprise shingle, punctuated by weathered and disintegrating groynes.  At low tide, areas of sand and mud flats are exposed beyond the shingle.  Winchelsea beach is a particularly attractive example.

This is 1066 country.  It was at Bulverhithe, just twenty or so miles further along the coast, that William the Conqueror landed on 29th September, 1066.


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The Lighthouse

The lighthouse pictured is La Corbière, situated at the south west tip of the Isle of Jersey.  The name means ‘a place where crows gather’, but the crows have long since been displaced by seagulls.

La Corbiere


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