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Exam results 2020!



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Chaos in the High Street!


The driveway between two of the houses in High Street [see the previous post],seems to have become, over time, the designated graveyard for redundant equipment and other jetsam.  It is a fascinating assortment that, no doubt, could tell many tales.  I was tempted to break the scene up to focus on  various item, but it has clearly not been disturbed in  years  –  why bother now?

Well, perhaps, just one!

No Parking


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PM’s Question Time!

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October 3, 2019 · 8:00 am

Beauty from chaos

The component elements in this image comprise falling trees, decaying vegetation, tangled undergrowth  and a broken fence  –  and the picture was taken on a dull day.  But for me the serendipity harmony of shapes and muted colours produced a scene of quiet, calm beauty.



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After the big bang (Pitsford 3)

A short, loud retort  –  probably a car exhaust  –  caused panic among a flock of gulls who took flight in chaotic fashion.

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Abstract 121 ‘Metropolis’

The mood of this abstract is in complete contrast with the previous posting, Abstract 117, and, indeed, with most of my other images.

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