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The pond in March

A combination of new growth and decomposing leaves.beneath the surface of the garden pond.


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Autumn leaves (2)

The previous post, (see Autumn leaves), captured something of the colour palette of Autumn.  But the individual leaves deserve closer attention for their patterns and textures, as the following examples show:


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The Groynes of Winchelsea

Often when I look at a line of disintegrating and decaying groynes I am intrigued by their resemblance to human beings in appearance.  For example, the posts in the photo below  –  closely related to each other through their original function  – are different heights, varying girth, have individual ‘hair styles’ and distinctive, gnarled personal features.  They could well be characters in an identity parade or, perhaps, children in a playground anxious to be picked by a team captain.

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This second photo I have titled ‘Meet the Groynes’.  Surely we have here a father, a mother and their three children (of different ages)!

Meet the Groynes

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Cruel Sea

There is something strangely attractive about the decaying posts of groynes, finally defeated by the ravages of the sea.  For me, their shapes, colours and textures are irresistible.  Their gnarled turrets and towers often suggest a land of myths and legends  –  especially so when they are nestled in dark grey/brown seaweed.


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Boat Shed Door

Boat Shed Door

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Spectre of Autumn

Spectre of Autumn

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