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Au revoir housemartins

Yesterday a small but significant event took place outside my window.  First two and then a small colony of housemartins gathered on the nearby telegraph wire.  (It was only possible to photograph a sample section.)  It was a clear indication that the seasonal migration is about to begin.  During the next week or so these small birds will leave and fly south to Africa   –  quite probably to South Africa or Namibia  –  and will return  in April or early May.  Many will find their way back to the same location, but not necessarily to the same nest.


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The Fly Past

I am always fascinated by the sight of a flock of birds flying at high altitude, especially if they adopt a V-shaped formation and display a sense of determination and knowledge of where they are going.

The pictures below do not quite fulfil all of these criteria but they do record a captivating experience.  I was sitting by the shore at Agadir, Morocco, and for about two hours flight after flight of birds, often in fairly loose formation, flew from west to east along the coast.  I have no idea what they were, where they had come from nor where they were going.  I just know that I was witnessing a sizable if somewhat untidy migration


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