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Ageless beauty


May 18, 2020 · 7:00 am

Beauty from chaos

The component elements in this image comprise falling trees, decaying vegetation, tangled undergrowth  and a broken fence  –  and the picture was taken on a dull day.  But for me the serendipity harmony of shapes and muted colours produced a scene of quiet, calm beauty.



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A beautiful yellow flower

Pause for a moment and enjoy the sheer beauty of the flower below  –  the soft elegance of its petals, the gentle clasp at the heart, the uplifting glow of its numerous shades of yellow and gold …..

But what is it?  Is it a chrysanthemum, or an aster or, perhaps, a dahlia?

It’s a Taraxacum Officinale.

A what?   I hear you ask.

A dens lionis, a pis en lis ….. you know, a dandelion.

Because it is regarded as an aggressive weed by gardeners the dandelion’s true beauty often passes unseen.  What a shame!  Do take another look.


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The Gracious Lady of Spring

Perhaps the most beautifully ‘designed’ flower in the Spring garden is the Aquilegia.  For balance of shapes, clarity of lines, elegance and lightness it is unsurpassed.


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