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The Beachcomber


January 23, 2016 · 8:00 am

More Seaweed Doodles

Near the high tide line, fine, thin strands of seaweed often form delicate shapes, sometimes resembling floral patterns or intricate, decorative ironwork.

As previously, these examples are substantially as seen; nothing has been added or removed other than the sand texture. A little Photoshop tweeking has sometimes  been used to sharpen the image or to increase colour saturation.


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Driftwood. Poverty or piety?

It is not uncommon to find ‘interesting’ pieces of driftwood that resemble fantasy creature, such as the ‘Ksarmathaurus’ I posted in April.  The image below is of a piece found on the same beach near Agadir in Morocco.  I am fairly sure that it is what remains of a decaying palm trunk, but whatever it is I was attracted by the rather gentle, downcast figure it seemed to suggest.  It could equally be a devout young lady.


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