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Abstract graphic in black and white (1)



May 12, 2018 · 8:00 am

Among the fishing nets (3)





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The cracked glass (3)

The third interpretation in this series comprises an abstract image derived from the cracked glass.





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Lupins after rain

Lupins after rain

See also Clematis, Garden in June, Blue Iris, The Gracious Lady of Spring, Poppy Days, Patterns in the rain, Patterns in the rain 2

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Patterns under the water

Patterns under the water

See also Water Abstract, Water Abstract 2, Patters undeer the Water 1, Patterns under the Water 2, The Water Abstracts, Sunlight on Water, Patterns in the rain 2,

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Wild flower meadow

Wild flower meadow

(See also Flowering Grass Grasses in the Breeze (1) and Buttercup meadow.

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