Semana Santa (Holy Week) (1)


This photo was taken in Dalt Vila, the old quarter of Ibiza Town, during siesta time at the beginning of Holy Week.   It is a scene that is typically Ibecan  –  the tall white buildings containing flats and apartments; the balconies complete with washing (and often a canary or linnet in a cage); electricity cables attached to the outside of buildings in a seemingly precarious manner showing little awareness of health and safety regulations; the steep, narrow passageways and streets  etc.  But look, too, at the people.  The senora holds pride of place in the foreground, resting her weary feet it would seem.  At the far end a group of young senoritas are engaged in …..  whatever it is young senoritas talk about!  One of the fellows seems to be deep in thought.  The nearest one is painting his cross, presumably in readiness for the procession that evening or the following evenings.


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  1. Fantastic, Louis – the narrative really adds to the image – but the photo stands on its own too. The bright, black and white processing looks perfect. These are good memories to return to at times like these, right?

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