Blakeney, High Street

As mentioned in an earlier post,  (, there are strong echoes of past times in Blakeney.  High Street is narrow and there are no pavements.  It is bordered by sturdy but elegant, cobbled houses and properties, and (mostly) painted white.  Shops and businesses are assimilated within the overall character of the street.

The pictures below were taken at lunchtime on the first Saturday in October.  Blakeney is not a noisy place!









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5 responses to “Blakeney, High Street

  1. You have inspired me to plan a visit next spring Louis, thank you for posting. It certainly looks a lovely place.

  2. Such beautiful architectural images, Louis, and what a pleasant street! I enjoyed this. I looked the street up on google earth so I could see the bigger picture and get the context. Wonderful. 🙂

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