Snowdrop time

During the past two weeks snowdrops have appeared in growing numbers beneath hedgerows, in woodlands and on the verges beside the bridle way.  They will be with us for the next few weeks.

What joy these small flowers  brings at this time of the year!  With remarkable resilience the snowdrop forces its way through frozen earth, through matted ivies, nettles,  decaying leaves and fallen branches to produce a carpet of pure white.


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5 responses to “Snowdrop time

  1. They’re very joyful, I agree. I have only seen pictures of them so far. Fingers crossed that will change next week!

  2. I always like Snowdrop time in Louis-land! It’s been an ongoing theme….and I have to get my snowdrop fix here, as (I think I’ve told you this before) no one seems to plant them here. Maybe it doesn’t get cold enough. Your description and photos are perfect.

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