‘Sheep may safely graze’

This picture was taken two days ago  –  in the mid-January sunshine!  It is a quiet pastoral scene but, in about a month’s time these ewes, – together with around 350 of their ‘sisters’  – will be giving birth.  It will be a hectic time for farmer Mark and his assistant.


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3 responses to “‘Sheep may safely graze’

  1. Since you’re on a first name basis, I assume this is close to home – that must be nice! The light on their woolly coats is lovely here, and it’s refreshing to see no big red blotches on them, like I see in so many photos of sheep. I know the owner has to keep track, but it does get in the way of the aesthetics. 🙂

    • Yes, Lynn, only a simple fence separates our garden and this sheep field. I understand your reservations about the markings. It is particularly evident with the lambs. Each is identified by a number painted in blue or red dye. It’s necessary but certainly not beautiful”

      • I know it’s necessary, and if I lived where you live, I’d probably learn to look past the marks and enjoy the sheep themselves. But this view, with that “lambent light” and the big tree, is quite nice!

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