Colours, shapes and textures




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4 responses to “Colours, shapes and textures

  1. What I really like is the three images together. It’s variations of leaves but the colours connect them into a some larger than each of the images separately.

    • Thanks Otto. The images are all of the same buddleia shrub and were taken within a few minutes of each other, but I had mentally explored the possibilities for two or three weeks.

  2. I’m happy to say I recognized that this is a buddleia. 🙂 Several years of reaching into them to prune or just pick, or whatever, must have fixed the look of their leaves in my mind. I agree with Otto, too – they’re nice together…and I love the gray green, especially in the first photo.

    • The buddleia provides an unusual level of interest at this time compared with many other shrubs. I share your love of the grey/green leaves and the texture of both the leaves and the bark.

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