The mystery beneath the waves

It is a strange feeling to stand at the water’s edge at Holme-next-the-Sea and, as the waves break gently on the beach,try to imagine the scene 4000 years ago.  This is the beach where a Bronze Age community created a sacred edifice  we refer to as Seahenge.

What were these people like?  What was their life lije?  What were their beliefs?

What further mysteries lie hidden beneath the waves?

What conclusions might distant future generations form about life in  Norfolk in 2018?


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5 responses to “The mystery beneath the waves

  1. It’s always wondrous to stand at a place like this and contemplate those who lived there ages ago. Quite an astonishing sea henge.

  2. Those are all good things to think about…the bigger picture…places like this help us keep it in mind.

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