The portrait session

Portraiture does not figure prominently in my archives.  In fact, this is the only  example I have of a studio portrait.  It was taken about thirty years ago  –  before the days of digital cameras and processing.  I was attending  a week’s residential course at Exeter University.  Each course member  was allocated a 30 minutes studio slot and a university student was employed as a model.  We each chose our preferred pose and arranged the lighting.  I am ashamed to say that I cannot remember the model’s  name but I was quite pleased with my first (and only) experience of studio portraiture.


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7 responses to “The portrait session

  1. It’s a lovely shot. I would be very pleased too, if I’d taken it.

  2. It is indeed an unusual sight to see on this blog, but I like it. It’s a beautiful portrait enhanced by the soft and shaping light.

    • Thanks Otto. I’m pleased you like it. I think it was beginner’s luck! Following the course I carried out a few experiments at home but without much success and little enthusiasm.

  3. Wow, as well you should be. It’s stunning!

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