For meditation

Stay with this image for a while.  Hear the gentle lapping of the water at the sea’s edge.  Feel it  playing around your toes.  Notice the glow of the late afternoon sun on the groynes  –  feel its warmth.  Taste the salt on your lips.  Sense the soothing rhythm of the calm, blue sea.  Relax.

That was my holiday!





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6 responses to “For meditation

  1. There is always something soothing where the sea meets land or in this case some columns. Love the texture you have created in post-processing.

  2. If only smells, tastes and touch could come through the screen too – but thank you for reminding me of all the sensual pleasures of the seaside. (Groyne is a new word for me, too).

  3. best place for meditation where two different phases of life meets each other.Meditation is knowing oneself through the experience of bliss of oneness. The systematic steps of Yoga withdraw the mind from the external senses and make it concentrate inward. This internal focus harmonizes the mind with cosmic consciousness. Any activity where personal identity is lost as it merges into nothingness is an example of meditation. visit our blog to read more about meditation and yoga hope it will help you and informative for you .

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