Beth Chatto Gardens (1)


One of the joys of our recent summer holiday was a visit to the Beth Chatto Gardens near Colchester, Essex.  The creation of the gardens began in 1960 in a ‘wasteland’ corner of the family’s fruit farm.  It continues to develop today, with 93 year old Beth maintaining an active interest.

A key feature of the gardens is their informal design which makes full use of the undulating landscape and varying soil conditions.  At the centre is an extensive water garden  –  a succession of pools fringed with a wide variety of. trees, shrubs and aquatic plants  There are no straight line or hard paths.  Neatly trimmed grass encourages a casual meander between the flower beds as the fancy takes.  Despite the large number of visitors, they seem to vanish into the surrounding light woodland.

These gardens truly are a haven of peace and serenity.



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2 responses to “Beth Chatto Gardens (1)

  1. I’ve certainly heard of Beth Chatto, and I’m happy to hear she’s still around at 93! What a treat to see the garden – thank you for posting this (and the other one). The bamboo is used to beautiful effect, and is that Eutrochium? Joe Pye weed in the US, and I think it used to be Eupatorium. It’s been a while since I’ve gardened! I’m blanking on the large leaved plant near the water – I love that one, too. The garden near me that I often visit has some around a stream. Lovely!

    • I think you’re probably right about the Eutrochium and I believe the large leafed plant is a Gunera — but I could well be wrong: I’m not a horticulturalist!

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