Pictures on the wall ….

…  or on the water wall to be more precise.    I have recently installed a small water wall in my garden  The shiny steel surface and constantly cascading water reflect the changing light and weather conditions as well as the colours produces by the flowers and plants.  It also offers an endless variety of patterns as source material for abstract images.




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14 responses to “Pictures on the wall ….

  1. That sounds like a wonderful addition to the garden – I like what you’ve done here. Water is fun to photograph, isn’t it? I’d love to see what the wall and its surroundings look like, too.

    • Without doubt, over the years I have spent much more time photographing water in all its forms (and processing the results) than any other subject – and with this new resource I can’t see the balance changing any time soon! I’ll certainly show the context in due course but I’m still trying to sort a few plants at the moment.

  2. Dana

    Fascinating changes!

  3. A lovely addition to your already lovely garden! I look forward to seeing more 🙂

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  7. Very nice! I’d love to have a water wall in the garden. And I think the birds too. 28° today again …

    • The water wall has been a very rewarding addition to our garden. The patterns are constantly changing, affected by the changing light, weather, time of day, season etc and the frozen images are often amazing.The sound of the running water is quite gentle and relaxing and, yes. the birds enjoy it too. Hopefully, we will get a little respite from this exhausting weather from tomorrow.

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