Gallery Series I/18

Please read the preface to Gallery Series I/15 ( to more fully understand the image below:

Gallery Series I/18


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4 responses to “Gallery Series I/18

  1. I find this quite intriguing ….

    • I’m pleased you do. I don’t suppose you know what it is that intrigues you – and it doesn’t matter! I’m just pleased that the image has drawn you in.

      • Tricky but I’ll try! Of course the red grabs me instantly; then the lines draw me in from right to left, particularly the wider one that yellows, before dropping me into the black chasm. It’s something to do with climbing back out of the chasm I think; I start asking myself questions about how deep it is or is there even an end to it – I find it quite fascinating.

  2. I like your ‘feeling’ and considered response and I feel confident that Barnett Newman would have approved!! Thanks for sharing your journey. I value your thoughts.and comments.

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