St Andrew’s Church, Walberswick (2)

The fabric of the exterior of St Andrew’s, Walberswick, is interesting.  Much use was made of the locally available flint stone both for the construction and decoration of the 15th century tower and church.  Knapped flint can produce a shiny surface and a range of colours.


Decorative knapped flint

Knapped flint used to decorate buttresses

Panels of mixed stone and brick are attractive for both their colour and their texture.




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4 responses to “St Andrew’s Church, Walberswick (2)

  1. Excellent pictures, Louis! I love the texture of the stonework.

    • Thanks Sue. I found the variety of textures and colours quite fascinating. In several places the passage of 500 years had enhanced their natural qualities.

  2. Very interesting! And I assume, pretty unusual? I’ve certainly never seen anything like it! Your photos document the patterns and textures nicely, too. I’m wanting to touch and feel the different surfaces!

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