Gallery Series I/10

I would like you, the viewer, to visualise each image as a softly lit large scale canvas (say, 9 feet x 9 feet) on a white gallery wall and imagine quietly contemplating the abstract pattern. Attention should focus on a feeling response rather than a rational analysis.  The use of the magnifier to enlarge the image may be helpful.

(Please see also the post introducing the series

Gallery Series I/10


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6 responses to “Gallery Series I/10

  1. This is a great series; I guess it goes against the whole point of each image but it would be good to see them together in a gallery.

    • I’m pleased you like the series. Actually, I think they could be shown together providing each is given sufficient breathing space and appropriate lighting. The gallery display shown in the Introduction gives some idea of the possibility. But of course there is a considerable difference between a painting created on a vast canvas and a miniature computer image.

      I’m honoured and flattered by the time and effort you have put into viewing these posts. You should sit back and enjoy a glass of whatever suits your fancy – you’ve earned it ! Many thanks Noeline.

  2. Great series, Louis, this one together wit 3 and 7 are my favorites, but that could change if you would see them as big as they deserve to be seen!
    Greetings from KL, Ron

  3. 6ft x 6ft should do it Ron 🙂
    Louis, this one should definitely be on the wall !!!!!


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