Portland (2). Tout Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve

Tout Quarry produced stone commercially from around 1750 until the 1930’s.  The disused quarry was ‘reincarnated’ in 1983 as a sculpture park using mainly local materials.  It established a regular programme of artist residencies (the first was Anthony Gormley) together with stone carving and sculpture courses.

The site covers 40 acres  and more than 70 exhibits (some complete, others work in progress) are integrated into the natural environment.

Tout Quarry is also a nature reserve attracting an extensive  range of wild flowers, plants, moths and butterflies.




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6 responses to “Portland (2). Tout Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve

  1. That’s such a great idea, re-purposing a quarry for stone sculpture and nature. It sure was in business a long time!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to explore. And, yes, it’s great idea to turn into a sculpture park.

    • It is a place with a unique atmosphere created by the marriage of the sculptures and the natural environment. It is also a location that is not overcrowded – there is space and quiet.

  3. Somewhere I keep meaning to visit – and your post sums up exactly why I should!

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