Around the garden yesterday …..

diascia (1 of 1) copy


honeysuckle (1 of 1) copy


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6 responses to “Around the garden yesterday …..

  1. I would be very happy if my flowers looked that good 💕🌼🌷

  2. Beautiful, stark and bold colours. Quite a different kind of photos compared to what you often show on your blog. Very inspiring.

    • Thanks Otto. The garden is another of my passions and at this time is both demanding and rewarding. Yes, this is quite a change from my usual posts.

  3. You’re so lucky to have this garden at hand! I think we’re at about the same place, timing-wise, over here – daisies are blooming along roadsides, poppies in gardens – and honeysuckle in both places (well, poppies and daisies in both places too!).

    • It’s actually a very small garden – no more than 20 yards x 10 yards – but we love it and give it a lot of tlc and (we hope) imagination. We are fortunate in that we are at the edge of the village and adjacent to a sheep field and wonderful, open skies.

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