Responding to colour

Please compare the image below with a previous post  The grid design is Identical;only the colours are different (inverted)


What mood change do you experience from one image to the other?

If the images represented people, what differences would you expect to find in temperament and character?

What type of musical instrument or sound does each suggest?

What type of tune might  be appropriate for each? What sort of rhythm?

Choose a word to define each.

The artist Kandinsky experienced sound in terms of colour  –  a phenomenon known as synesthesia.


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2 responses to “Responding to colour

  1. An interesting exercise!
    This is more sombre, ‘Gridlock’ is a party girl whereas this is an academic, ‘Gridlock’ is a carnival and this is low pitched stringed instruments, ‘Gridlock’ is excitement and this is thoughtful.
    What were your responses to these questions?!

    • i like your analysis and descriptions. A similar ‘challenge’ but with less contrasting colours, more subtle tones, could be interesting. We tend to colour instinctively and unthinkingly from habit. It is no bad thing to pause and consider our responses from time to time.

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