Pattern from the distant past

This image is derived from a photograph of part of the Boscawen Stone Circle in Cornwall.  It seems incredible to think that these stones were paced in situ in Neolithic times  –  that is, between two and four thousand years BC>


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2 responses to “Pattern from the distant past

  1. I’m always amazed that they have survived for so long – apart from the ‘restoration’ of Stonehenge by the Victorians! I’m also impressed at the skill and ingenuity, both in working the stone and erecting them. Obviously some are easier than others – but nevertheless, pretty impressive.

    • Like you, I am always in awe of the peoples (they’re not confined to one small group) who created these prehistoric monuments. Possibilities relating to the mechanics of ‘how they did it’ provide a stern test of human credibility but trying to get inside the culture and belief patterns of Neolithic man is a step too far for me.

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