Bordering on the abstract

I have recently been viewing developments in art during the first decade or so of the twentieth century and decided to explore how I might apply similar stylistic ideas to one of my own still life photographs.


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4 responses to “Bordering on the abstract

  1. Perhaps not my first choice of subject but I like the blocks of tone/colour. From this starting point it’s easy to see how you could get to something quite abstract – although I usually find that from the abstract side I find it very difficult to find my way back to their source!

    • I’m not keen on the subject either, but I do like the possibilities it presents for the exploration of pattern, line, colour, space etc Obviously a straight photo of spoons and a knife would look quite different – because the purpose behind the creating of the picture would be different. The abstract has a life of its own – like a youngster becoming independent of its parents! (Nb. I’m writing this on Mother’s Day!)

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