Snowdrop time

It is snowdrop time.  Each and every year I marvel at the resilience and determination of these deceptively ‘delicate’ and ‘dainty’ flowers as they blossom beside the bridleway having forced their way, often, through frozen ground or, as this year, through dead grass, broken twigs and other decaying detritus from 2015.


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4 responses to “Snowdrop time

  1. I thought a snowdrop was a snowdrop but it’s amazing how many different types there are. We currently have snowdrops alongside primroses and daisies – very odd!

    • It’s true – odd things are happening in the ‘flower world’. We have had geums flowering for two or three weeks. The cyclamen and primulas have flowered continuously throughout the winter.

  2. I’ve heard you’ve had a strange winter over there. I don’t think ours in the Pacific northwest has been so strange, but I’m still getting used to the different weather patterns here. I saw those tiny cyclamens blooming in a few places in the winter, too. This week I saw my first daffodils and crocuses, and I think forsythia but it was far away and could have been a bright witch hazel. Anyway, it’s an early, slow spring here, taking along time to warm up.

    • Nature certainly seems to be a little confused. So far, here in the centre of the UK, we’ve had only one very brief snowfall scarcely any frost – but the gale force winds and rain have been persistent over several months. There is still time for a change in the weather but there is nothing imminent in the forecasts.

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