A glimpse of Winter

winter 1b


It has been a most unusual winter so far:  lots of rain, lots of wind, a succession of damaging storms, but on Sunday morning we woke to discover  everywhere covered by a picturesque  blanket of snow. ‘ Is this the beginning of winter?’ we asked..

Jackdaws and crows retreated to the highest branches of trees and looked down in disgust.

A bemused blackbird peered over the roof top.





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8 responses to “A glimpse of Winter

  1. How I wish we had some snow …..
    We had a light frost this morning but it didn’t take long to revert to mud!

    • I love snow when I’m inside and the snow is outside! These pictures were all taken from indoors looking out. The title proved even more apt than I’d expected – the snow had disappeared by Monday lunchtime!

  2. The snow was welcome as it locked in all the water running off the fields next to our house, a flooded garden since Boxing day. Although a few miles down the road in York; I don’t think they were pleased to see it !!
    Anyway, a Happy New Year Louis.


    • I feel deeply sorry for the people who had such a rough time – and its not merely temporary inconvenience. It’s quite a contrast compared with the weather you’re accustomed to. Enjoy your 2016 too.

  3. This is beautiful! That first tree, and the jackdaws decorating the bare branches – I have a feeling you were inspired, and I can see why, after the weather you’ve been dealing with.

  4. We had no snow at all, then two feet at once. A case of “be careful what you wish for’:) Lovely lacy, snowy images.

    • The snow disappeared within 24 hours but the wind and rain have been quite relentless. We’re now experiencing storm Gertrude having begun the sequence a few weeks ago with storm Abigail!

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