Abstract. ‘The Protesters’







The abstract pattern of reeds at the water’s edge suggests to me a mood of confrontation or belligerence.




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6 responses to “Abstract. ‘The Protesters’

  1. Almost looks like an abstraction of needles and pins. I love it!

    • I’m pleased you like it and I understand your interpretation.. I think the response to an abstract often depends on what the viewer brings to it rather than there being one clear ‘decoding’. Indeed, if the meaning is too clear the question arises as to whether the image should be called an abstract!

      • Good point 🙂
        …. but the fun, and frustration, of abstracts is wondering if you’ve ‘got it’ – whatever ‘it’ is!

      • But the ‘it’ depends on what the viewer perceives – which is why I often identify an abstract by just a number. If I want to suggest a possible line of interpretation I add a title or ‘hint’ – as in this case. I don’t often set out with a clear title/subject in mind The fun, for me, is that an interpretation emerges as the image evolves!

  2. Thorny, angry and strident. Great title.

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