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Cornwall (2) ‘Men-an-Tol’

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The Men-an-Tol (‘Holed Stone’) is believed to have been constructed in the Bronze Age but not inits present form.  Research suggests that the stones were once part of a circle

Like ‘The Merry Maidens’ a good deal of folklore surrounds this group of stones  In particular the holed stone became associated with healing and with fertility rites.  It was believed that a young woman who passed seven times through the hole (18″ diameter) would soon become pregnant.  A child suffering from Rickets could be cured by passing it, naked, through the hole three times

The  sculptor Barbara Hepworth lived and worked in Cornwall and the influence of the surrounding landscape and stones is apparent in in her sculptures.  Indeed, a hole penetrating her sculptures is a trademark feature. (See my post Around the Barbara Hepworth Garden)


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