A touch of watercolour filter was applied to this photograph.


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5 responses to “Blakeney

  1. Our beloved Half Way House!!! Gorgeous! 🙂
    We had booked a 4day stay there last month, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, 😦 so we have something to look forward to next year. 🙂
    Dian & co x

    • Thanks Dina. I’m amused at the thought of you travelling so far for a few days break! The walk from the car park must be about the same as the distance from Cley! But it’s a glorious spot and I envy you.

      • Well, Klausbernd lives in Cley, so it wouldn’t be that far away, but the house is not exactly easy to reach. When you – if you want to rent it, you have to enter a lottery! 🙂 You have to take it for four days (three nights). It’s absolutely stripped, with no comfort at all. No water, no electricity, you have to bring your sleeping bag and everything else. I Suppose, if the weather’s fine, It’s great to be out at the point, sleeping next to the seals and all that romantic stuff,. 🙂
        I’m hopelessly romantic. Sometimes.

  2. Fun to read the comments, and what a peaceful looking place.

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