Nothing to declare!

It was a particularly windy day.  The beach was deserted except for the solitary figure of  a beachcomber striding purposefully towards  shelter.  Everything about his gait and posture suggested that this had not been a productive visit.


Filed under Art, Colour, Minimalist, photography

6 responses to “Nothing to declare!

  1. The high contrast graphic expression says all about solitude and the lone seeker. I do feel his disappointment. A great photograph.

  2. As Otto says; you have captured and expressed the mood perfectly. I also like your perspective and timing, making sure that all his limbs are visible which help express the despondency.

    • Thanks Noeline. The timing was fortuitous. I only had the opportunity for two shots and I wanted a profile that showed his metal detector and his determined stride. The other shot was rubbish!

  3. An entire story from one minimal image-great!

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