Abstract 223 ‘Censorship’

Abstract 223  'Censorship'


April 17, 2015 · 8:00 am

11 responses to “Abstract 223 ‘Censorship’

  1. This brings to mind thoughts of burning books – the censorship of the title?

    • Thanks Noeline – that was my intention!. It is the first time I have posted an image that is not developed or derived from a photograph, (however abstract some of my pictures are). I had been looking at Abstract Expressionist paintings (Rothko, Still, Newman) and decided to experiment with colour fields using just Photoshop. Censorship was in the news at the time and I felt a match between the two.

      • I’m currently reading ‘What Are You Looking At?’ by Will Gompertz; a brilliantly written book for an art ignoramus like myself and the whole colour theory and emotional response is fascinating. Great timing!

      • Great timing indeed! I’m also reading the Gompertz and thoroughly enjoying it.

  2. I like reading about how this came about. You’re always thinking and experimenting – it keeps it interesting, doesn’t it?

  3. Gigi

    Yes indeed, compelling!

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