Water colours

It was the first day of April and the showers were in keeping with folk tradition. The raindrops on the window pane softly diffused the pastel colours of the plants on the patio beyond.







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10 responses to “Water colours

  1. Gigi

    Ooh! This is one of my all time favourites of yours, Louis! Wow! It is soooo beautiful! Gorgeous, truly! Amazing! ⭐️

  2. Gigi

    P.S I would encourage you to make these big picture sized and hang them up! I love them!❤️

    • I love your enthusiasm Gigi and I’m very pleased that the pictures give you so much pleasure. We are fortunate in that we have large conservatory windows that look out on the garden at the back and a sheep field to the side. Seeing the garden through rain is therefore a (too) frequentr experience for us.

  3. Beautiful! I seem to recall that it was a series like this that first attracted me to your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Noeline. It’s quite probable that you tuned into a similar earlier series. I quite enjoy photographing through the rain – and I get plenty of practice!

  4. These are all marvelous little captures.

  5. Oh, I love these. They really convey a particular atmosphere – makes me think of being in a conservatory in a rainstorm. Gorgeous colors. I haven’t been here in a long time – apologies!

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