The poster girl

My post of a few days ago ( drew comments on the use and effect of different colours for the same  image.  To develop the experiment further, I resurrected an old black and white portrait and, with apologies to Andy Warhol, created this picture.


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6 responses to “The poster girl

  1. Color certainly powerful in the way that it affects us.

    • I agree, but my experience with this experiment suggests that the impact is greater when the images are isolated rather than when grouped together, as here.

  2. I did my own ‘Warhol’ a couple of years back and found that choosing colours that created an impact but didn’t clash horribly was a lot harder than it would appear. Funnily enough, I had a black version in the centre just as you have!

    • That is true. In one of my ‘versions’ I used more images and more colours and strangely life became easier. Composers often find that it is easier to write for an orchestra than for a string quartet (in which the qualities of each instrument are highly exposed).

  3. Gigi

    Very nice Louis. 😊

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