The naked tree

At this time of the year there is comparatively little colour in the countryside.  The beauty of trees is now dependent upon their shapes and the patterns of the branches.  The pictures below show first the unedited photo and then a series of images processed from that original, each exploring a  different way of  presenting the characteristic features of the trees.







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13 responses to “The naked tree

  1. I’m something of a tree hugger 😀 and love to see them in their winter beauty.
    The last two are fabulous! I’d love to know the secret 🙂

  2. I don’t understand this ‘challenge’ Noeline! – can you spell it out for me please. What is required? How often? Where is it presented? etc

    • Sorry – should have been more explicit!
      It’s the ‘Five DAY B&W Challenge’ – I don’t know where it started; normally I don’t go in for these but this one appealed.
      Post a monochrome image for five consecutive days on your blog and each day nominate someone else to take up the challenge. There’s no obligation, it’s just a bit of fun if time allows.
      Hopefully it’ll make more sense when you see my Day 1 post … and I hope you don’t mind – just ignore me if it’s not your thing. 🙂

      • Thanks Noeline. I’m grateful and flattered, but I’m going to decline your invitation. I’ve reached the stage when I take life rather more leisurely. Also, there are very few ‘monochrome photographers’ with whom I have regular contact – and you’re already involved! But I really do appreciate the kind thought and your appreciation of my work.

      • Not to worry; I must admit I initially backed away from the idea of taking up the challenge myself but then, in a rash moment, thought ‘why not?’. It’s certainly a challenge! The photography is fine, it’s the daily posting and keeping up with the response – how on earth do people manage a 365 project?!

  3. A very interesting progression.

  4. I enjoy seeing the original and the various permutations – this tree really lends itself to your work.

  5. Angelika

    These are marvelous. I have just started exploring the amazing possibilities of black and white.

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