Abstract 210


October 22, 2014 · 8:00 am

3 responses to “Abstract 210

  1. Great balance and colours ….. although I haven’t a clue what it is! 🙂

    • In many (most?) of my abstracts there is no object, although usually an ‘object’ has been used as a stimulus or starting point. I then try to develop and express the feelings or thoughts suggested by the stimulus. (Bear in mind too that I tend to see the world as patterns). Sometimes I will add a title as an indication of my thinking, but basically I would like the viewer just to respond in a feeling manner, as you have done here, rather than necessarily trying to find a literal interpretation. I hope this is not too confusing!!
      [As a matter of interest, the stimulus for this abstract was a section of a cliff face!]

      • I would never have guessed a cliff face – and thank you for the explanation (which makes perfect sense!).
        I find how we approach art (in all its forms) fascinating and more often that not something which prompts an emotional reaction is more powerful than a straightforward ‘replica’ of the scene/object/etc. – but not always. Interesting ….

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