Porthgain is a small, attractive harbour on the St David’s Peninsula in Pembrokeshire.  Used mostly by local fishermen, it is popular with both holiday makers and boaters during the summer months.

It is difficult to believe that as recently as 1930 it was a prosperous industrial harbour exporting slate from nearby quarries and, later, crushed dolerite for roadstone.  The stone was stored in the large brick hoppers shown below.  The hoppers are now listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.


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10 responses to “Porthgain

  1. Great scene and composition!
    Greetings, Ron

  2. I’ve visited here a couple of times and these photographs capture the place perfectly. The brick hoppers are an awkward subject that you’ve caught well but the first is just wonderful with great composition and oodles of atmosphere.

    • Having visited the place yourself, I’m pleased you were able to enjoy my interpretation. You’re right, the hoppers are an awkward subject and this image is the product of quite a bit of experimenting during the processing.

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  4. Gigi Galore

    Wow! What wonderful photos! old Blighty has some pretty spots, doesn’t it! Beautiful images! 😊

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