The falling out

The figures have been reduced to minimalist proportions but the silhouette of the figure on the extreme left suggests there has probably been some altercation!  The contrasting moods are interesting.


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8 responses to “The falling out

  1. The silhouettes are really great, Louis! It’s an eye-catcher. Well done!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Thank you Dina. I’m pleased you like them. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your holiday and feel suitably refreshed.

  3. I like this a lot – I don’t get a feeling that there was an altercation – just an alteration…seriously, there’s a lot of animation and interest in these, especially together, but separated a little, like you have them.

    • For clarification let me say that I have not altered in any way the position of the pairs of figures, I simply edited out the background and emphasised the silhouettes. Possible interpretations then begin to suggest themselves. To be honest, I don’t think there was any interaction between the two groups – but that would spoil the illusion!

  4. I like this very much-graphic yet subtle.

  5. The lady on the left is definitely marching off in a huff! Great processing!

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