Seaweed pattern – look again!

This is a seaweed pattern as found on the beach  –  but what do you see?  Nothing has been added and nothing taken away  –  except the sand.  A touch of colour saturation has been applied.

Click the image to enlarge



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8 responses to “Seaweed pattern – look again!

  1. Is this some kind of psychological test? 😉
    There’s clearly a horse head there! 🙂

    • The original photo had the seaweed in the vertical position. It was only when I rotated it a few degrees clockwise that this mysterious/fantastical animal head emerged.

    • I hope it’s not a psychological test as I first saw a small figure dancing at the foot of an inferno! :O …. but now I see the horse head!

      • It was certainly not planned as a psychological test but no doubt a psychologist would have a field day with the responses given!! His/her thoughts might be interesting!

  2. I like the strokes of color. I see a dragon breathing fire!

  3. I’m a literalist and usually find things interesting as they are, but I see that Dragon-horse.

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