Forest abstract

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Many viewers (perhaps most!) will see this picture as a representation of chaos  –  or, less politely, as ‘rubbish’!

I like it’!

The subject comprises dead leaves and grasses, with signs of new growth breaking through.  It was a small area just ahead of me as I walked through the New Forest.

But it is not the subject matter that attracts me, it is the way in which various pictorial elements  –  line, colour harmony, shape, texture, balance etc  –  combine to create a natural abstract.  The rhythms of the contrasting lines guide the eye through the ‘canvas’.  I also like the ‘feel’ of the image  –  my instinctive, non-analytical response.

The picture is ‘as taken’, except for a touch of saturation.


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6 responses to “Forest abstract

  1. I love it – in those complex mixes of grasses and leaves there are such interesting patterns that repeat over and over again. And the color here is beautiful, too.

    • Thanks Lynn. I’m pleased you enjoy this picture. It demonstrates the benefits of spending quiet time with your subject – layers of ‘seeing’ emerge.

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