Getting a little closer to Rosemary!





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14 responses to “Getting a little closer to Rosemary!

  1. Fabulous colour combination!

  2. Love this shot, Louis! The colors are awesome! Just the tonic we need after a long, cold winter.

  3. Beautiful images, with a use of a true complementary colour contrast. The first image is my favourite, I just like the more simplistic composition compared to the others.

  4. There are those wonderful colors again! It’s a good idea, showing their pretty flowers close up, but I know it’s not easy to do. These are so well done, and full of joy.

  5. What a nice splash of color! Having just spent the winter in coastal Croatia – where rosemary abounds, even in December – you have me yearning for the chance to enhance our food with fresh rosemary at any moment. Where did you take this?

    • Thanks for your comment Tricia. I have three rosemary shrubs in my small garden in the Midlands of the UK. Despite the exceedingly wet and windy winter, the shrubs this year are particularly luxuriant and have been in flower for several weeks.

  6. The blossom is comparatively short lived..The taste lingers on … andon!!

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