Pebble Patterns 2

The patterns and textures in the panel below are derived from pebbles found on the beach.  See also Introducing Pebbles, patterns and textures.

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11 responses to “Pebble Patterns 2

  1. I very much enjoy this series and can get lost in the richness each little composition has to offer.

  2. They’re perfect together.

  3. I feel likle you have transported me to Mars !

  4. awriterweavesatale

    interesting abstract and also like the post with the initial pebble photos. Our photography editor pointed me your way — we’d be interested in using this post along with the original pebble one in our upcoming issue of The Woven Tale Press. You can see our magazine at

    Hope you’re interested; please email me at referencing this url.
    Sandra TYler

    • Many thanks for your interest in my blog site. Thank you too for introducing me to your magazine. I like very much both its purpose and the quality and presentation of the content. I am happy for you to use the posts you have indicated and any others you feel might be appropriate or relevant. Thank you for approaching me. Please let me know how things develop.
      Louis Gill

  5. awriterweavesatale

    Louis just came back here realizing I never heard back; I didn’t get this reply. Can you email me at That’s the best way to make contact. Glad I came back! We could use you this next issue.

  6. awriterweavesatale

    P.S. when you email, reference this url.

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