Just think about it! (20)

‘Rarely do we spend enough time with an image to ‘mine’ all of its visual, emotional and spiritual potential.  Rarely are we aware of its impact on the emotional as well as the intellectual level.  Too often our tendencies to judge and evaluate get in the way of appreciating what we see.’        Howard Zehr


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6 responses to “Just think about it! (20)

  1. Absolutely. My students often “go for” a look and when the final image isn’t what they thought it was supposed to be they don’t mine it, they discard it. Thanks for the quote.

    • Many thanks. In the post ‘What can I see?’ (the link is one of the related posts listed above) I give more details of Zehr’s suggested approach

  2. It’s regrettable but true.

  3. Spending time with an image online seems to be a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? It’s a sped up world we live in!

    • I think your observation is absolutely valid – in which case, why do we bother? I think we need to interpret the world around us and maybe, just maybe, someone else will reflect on their own response encouraged by what they see in our images!

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