Introducing ‘Pebbles, patterns and textures’

A walk along a pebble beach can provide an abundance of source material for the creation of abstract pictures.  The three photos above were not particularly searched for.  I merely stopped walking and photographed the small area in front of my feet.  But look carefully at each photo  –  click on the image to enlarge.  It immediately becomes clear that no two pebbles are exactly alike; there are considerable variations in size, shape, colour, pattern and texture and by zooming in closely it is interesting to explore the uniqueness of each pebble.  This is the source material I referred to from which abstract images can be created.

For me the producing of abstract patterns and pictures is a particular passion and I have many images derived from the process described above.  I intend to post examples from time to time and hope that the above explanation will serve as a generic introduction.


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19 responses to “Introducing ‘Pebbles, patterns and textures’

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    Introducing ‘Pebbles, patterns and textures’

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  3. Very colorful pebbles on your beaches! Even sand, if you look very close, is full of interesting colors and textures that change with the locale. The first photo is very appealing!

    • Thanks Lynn. Obviously the colours have had a little ‘encouragement’! You mention sand – take a look at my Abstract 192 ‘Texture’ if you’ve not already done so.

  4. These are particularly vibrant pebbles and marvelous captures!

  5. Lovely colours in the first picture – ‘encouraged’ or not! I also like the bit of space between the pebbles as it helps my simple brain ‘see’ them more clearly.

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  9. Great work, Louis!

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  11. Pebbles are indeed endlessly fascinating..

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