February fill dyke

February has the reputation for being a particularly wet month  –  hence the expression ‘February fill dyke’, implying that the dykes will be filled either by heavy rain or melting snow.  But this winter we have received unprecedented levels of rainfall, producing extensive flooding across much of the country and bringing disruption and misery to many thousands.

Initially the ‘human’ reaction was to identify someone to blame  –  the local council/the Environment Agency/ the Government/ the Meteorological Office  etc  –   but such knee jerk behaviour is unhelpful.  We have limited experience of such severe weather conditions in this country and it is self-evident we have been caught ill-prepared.  Nothing can change what has happened but it would be unforgivable if we failed to analyse our shortcomings and undertake appropriate action to avoid a recurrence.


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4 responses to “February fill dyke

  1. So sorry. Sounds like you are able to evaluate the situation well.

    • Thanks for your understanding Elena. Conditions have eased somewhat in recent days but for many it will take months for things to return to any form of normality, and the threat will remain untii the ground water has receded.

  2. I’ve heard about your unprecedented rains and it’s not surprising that folks were caught unprepared. This keeps happening all over the globe, doesn’t it? Whatever the cause, people do need to accept that at least for now, we seem to be in a pattern of extreme weather events, and it’s time to get ready.

    • I agree Lynn. It seems that we have to accept that extreme weather behaviour is likely to be the norm rather than the exception and we must plan accordingly.

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