Abstract 188 ‘After the rain’

An abstract pattern derived from raindrops on Cotinus leaves.


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7 responses to “Abstract 188 ‘After the rain’

  1. Gorgeous, the rich saturation of color, the composition, every drop!

  2. Thanks Elena. I would like to claim the credit for organizing the rain drops but conscience and humility prevent me!!

  3. Great colour and I love the light in the drops. I also find that the teardrop shaped drop leads my eye into the centre of that little drop cluster so I go around the picture then back in again. Interesting!

    • Thanks Noeline. I liked your reading of the photo. The picture within the picture – (ie., the separation of the leaf containing the raindrops from the background) – was a bonus, and the diagonal line was helpful composition-wise.

  4. Gigi Galore

    So striking! A very unexpected image after rain! lovely!

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