Au revoir housemartins

Yesterday a small but significant event took place outside my window.  First two and then a small colony of housemartins gathered on the nearby telegraph wire.  (It was only possible to photograph a sample section.)  It was a clear indication that the seasonal migration is about to begin.  During the next week or so these small birds will leave and fly south to Africa   –  quite probably to South Africa or Namibia  –  and will return  in April or early May.  Many will find their way back to the same location, but not necessarily to the same nest.


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6 responses to “Au revoir housemartins

  1. Thanks for posting this Louis, the photos are a lovely reminder, with your words, of the changes that, when we pay attention, enrich and ground us.

  2. They’re wonderful. Love the even spacing on the wire. I wonder if it’s code…:)

  3. Great composition with your final image; the flying bird makes it.
    These migrations really impress me; such delicate creatures and vast distances ….

    • Thanks Noeline. The ability of these birds to travel thousands of miles and find their way back to the same location is undoubtedly one of the miracles of Nature.

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