Seaweed abstract ‘The Mendicant’

As with The Mystic in a post last week, this is a seaweed pattern as found  –  nothing has been added and nothing taken away.  The only editing has been the fading out of the sand (although some feint traces have been allowed to remain) and a slight colour saturation.  Gradually a figure seemed to emerge  –  I’ve called him The Mendicant but there are other titles that could be applied which are equally appropriate.


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9 responses to “Seaweed abstract ‘The Mendicant’

  1. Wonderful Louis! I saw your character right away-so very expressive.

  2. I saw him too.. he looks old and tired.. well spotted Louis.. I love it.

  3. The first character that sprang to mind for me (before reading your text) was Don Quixote. Maybe something to do with the long skinny figure, stooped shoulders and an expression of being slightly puzzled at the world …

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  5. You have a great eye, Louis!

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