Abstract 169 ‘Taking off!’

My love of pattern, especially natural/abstract pattern, will be apparent to anyone familiar with my posts.  One of the richest sources is the seashore, particularly at low tide.  The ebbing tide frequently leaves behind interesting seaweed formations  –  interesting for their shapes and for the strands of varying thickness and texture.

To maximise the impact, I often choose to isolate the pattern and set it against a white background.  It is a painstaking process but one I enjoy.

Although I sometimes suggest a narrative title (as in this case) it is almost invariably an afterthought and is probably unnecessary.  Certainly my enjoyment derives from the pattern itself.


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8 responses to “Abstract 169 ‘Taking off!’

  1. oh yes, this is a great one! good work!

  2. Varied energies in this piece Louis. The diagonals, verticals etc. It feels like a universe where many exciting things are all happening at once.

  3. I can see faces and all sorts in this 🙂

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